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Advent 1 – Joseph, Mary & a donkey

The Donkey’s Diary
Luke 1:26-35, Luke 2:1-6

This year we are doing something a little different for advent. Our four lessons before Christmas will document the Christmas story but through the eyes of the animals that witnessed it. This week we look at the parents of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and their journey with the donkey that took them to Bethlehem.

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All Purpose Crafts Part I

All Purpose Crafts Part I

Struggling to think of a decent craft to fit your theme or lesson plan? Fear not for we have many crafts that can be adapted to suit whatever your lesson plan happens to be in this, all purpose crafts: part the first.
I promise we will get some pictures of these up soon!
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Christ the King

Christ the King
Isaiah 9:6, John 12:15, Revelation 17:14

The last Sunday before Advent begins is Christ the King! This is a day where we celebrate Christ as King with ultimate power over everything in creation. The purpose of this lesson is for the children to recognise Jesus as king over heaven and earth.

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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day
Job 19:25-27 Luke 20:35-36

While Remembrance Day isn’t a specifically Christian day, your Church will probably be engaged in some act of remembrance if not a full blown remembrance service. It is an important day  nonetheless and we were very pleased when the children responded positively to this lesson. Continue reading

Welcome (for me and you)


And so I arrive on the world of blogging. Recently I was praying that God would show me what he wanted me to do. So he did, and how! One o clock in the morning is not the most conducive time to have God’s divine plan for you revealed. As amazing as it was, I also really wanted to sleep.

But divine intervention aside, here I am. I joined my church’s Sunday school last year when the woman who ran it previously left. Now between two of us it’s really taking off and we’re getting loads of kids who are, shock horror, actually bringing friends to our lessons! Gasp! We must be doing something right and so God wants me to share our success on the internet.

Here you shall find our lesson plans, advice and our resources. Anything we have is yours! Suggestions and comments are always welcome, indeed invited! I am new to this whole blogging malarkey though so be patient with me!
‘Commit to the Lord everything you do. Then your plans will succeed.’ Proberbs 16:3