All Purpose Crafts Part I

All Purpose Crafts Part I

Struggling to think of a decent craft to fit your theme or lesson plan? Fear not for we have many crafts that can be adapted to suit whatever your lesson plan happens to be in this, all purpose crafts: part the first.
I promise we will get some pictures of these up soon!

Wall hanging
(15-20 mins)

You will need:
Coloured paper
Sparkly things

The best part about this craft is that, aside from its effectiveness, is that it can use up pretty much anything you have in your craft cupboard, (assuming you have a craft cupboard). But seriously, it can use up any of those stickers, papers, feathers etc that you decided to keep forever in the knowledge that one day you’d use them. That’s certainly the story of our storage space.
So back to the wall hanging. This can either be a massive one (read: bigger than A3) for your Sunday school or a small one for the kids to take home for their own wall.
-The craft itself is simple, using sticky foam letters, or shiny card letters, or letters you have yourself cut from random pieces of leftover paper spell out a phrase appropriate to your lesson. We went for the basic ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and then the children can bling it up with whatever they can find in your box of wonders.
– Simply glue a string loop to the top, et voila! Ready to hang on the wall.
The kids love this one because it gives them free reign on a blank canvas, but the end result is still a reminder of a valuable lesson.

Print Crosses
(10-20 mins)

You will need:
Strong paper/card
Black paper (it doesn’t have to be black paper but black does work best)
Strong colour poster paints (neon or metallic paints work best)
Paint brushes

-This is a craft that can yield some amazing results. It can be used for any lesson based on the basics of Christianity or that incorporates the life of Jesus.
-First we make the ‘stamp’. Use the string to create a cross shape, when you are happy with it, glue it down onto the strong paper/card. You can use more string to make shapes in or around the cross.
-Cover the string quite liberally with poster paint.
– While the paint is still quite wet press your stamp onto the other sheet of paper. Hold it for a few seconds, when you pull the stamp away you should be left with a very vibrant picture. It works especially well with neon or metallic paint on black paper. (Pics soon! Promise!)

Prayer Pyramid
(15-20 mins)

You will need:
Colouring pencils/felt pens
Glue or Sellotape

-You can make this craft longer by drawing out the net for your pyramid yourself. If you doubt your net-making skills here are two nets you can print and use. We used a triangular based pyramid but you could always use a square base or even use one of these nets to make a hexagonal based if you’re feeling particularly brave!
– Colour in the pyramid and write on each side a suitable quote/prayer/blessing from your lesson.
– Simply fold and stick the pyramid into its proper shape. The children can take this home and put on their desk or bedside table to remind them of their lesson. They can also turn it around to see a different verse periodically.

Blessing Ruler
(10-15 mins)
You will need:
A ruler
Colouring pens
Thin card

– Place the ruler on the card and using a pencil draw around it.
– Across the top of your drawn ruler, mark out your most commonly used measurements (ours is centimetres).
– On the ruler write down an appropriate quote or blessing from your lesson. We used ‘God Loves Me’ (pretty simple).
– Colour it in pretty colours and cut it out. Keep the rulers for your Sunday school, that way anytime you need to use rulers (in our Sunday school they’re used less for measuring and more for drawing straight lines anyway) you can bring them out and give the children something thoughtful to look at while they’re working.


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