Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday
Exodus 20:12 Luke 2:41-52 Ephesians 6: 1-5

While Mother’s Day isn’t in the Bible, we can nonetheless find the message of loving and appreciating our mothers repeated in the Bible.


Today is Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day we think about how grateful we are for our mothers and all they do for us.


The Bible calls us to honour our mothers in the ten commandments (Exodus 20:12) however Ephesians 6: 1-5 also tells parents that they should treat their children with respect.
An appropriate reading for mother’s day can be found in the story of the boy Jesus in the temple  (Luke 2:41-52).


Ask the children if they have ever gotten lost or separated from their parents. Ask them how they felt, then ask them how they think their parents felt. When reunited their parents were probably happy, relieved and also angry, as parents often get angry when relief occurs (in my experience at least!).

Ask the children to imagine themselves going to a city for the day with their parents. It’s a big, busy place. But these days if we get separated from our parents we have mobile phones to help us find them. When Mary and Joseph took Jesus to Jerusalem they had no mobile phones or any way of finding him when they realised he was lost. They had to go all the way back to Jerusalem to look for him! Imagine how they must have felt!

When they find Jesus, they are probably relieved but also angry that he got lost in the first place. Mary and Joseph don’t understand why Jesus went to the temple and Jesus doesn’t understand why they don’t understand him! But it is what happens next that we should take note of. When Jesus returns home with his earthly parents he is obedient to them. Even though he has already shown that he knows he is the son of God, he knows that for the moment he must also listen to Mary and Joseph, just as we must listen to our parents.

Bereaved children

We must remember of course that not all children will be celebrating Mother’s day. If you have in your class children who have lost their mother Mother’s day may be a difficult day for them. Take your cue from the children, they may be happy to join in the other activities and make cards for an aunt, grandmother etc. Others may find the day upsetting, it might be an idea to take these children to sit away from the group. Perhaps they might like to talk about their mother, you can prompt them, asking what their mother was like, what they liked most about her and so on. They could write a mother’s day message to their mother, attach it to a helium balloon and release it into the sky. Pray with them for their mother, remind them that God loves them and they have a family who will look after and comfort them.


Picture frame
(10-20 mins)
You will need:
Thin card
Colouring pens/pencils
A photograph

– If you have access to a polaroid camera that instantly prints photographs use this to take pictures of the children in the class. Otherwise ask the children in advance to bring in a photograph of themselves with their mother.
– Draw around the photograph on the card and cut out the square. Using the ruler draw a larger square around the gap, cut around it so you are left with a frame.
– The children can decorate the frame with whatever you have in your craft cupboard and colour it in. When they’re finished they can tape their picture from the back. Cut out some cardboard tabs and tape them to the back to stand the frame up.

Mother’s Day cards
(10-15 mins)
You will need:
Thin card
Colouring pencils
Tissue paper

– Fold the card in half.
– On the front cut out a square so you can see onto the card behind.
– On the inner flap, draw out a simple flower shape. Rip the tissue paper into pieces and roll them into small balls, gluing them down to the flower shape.
– Write ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on the front and a mother’s day message inside.
– Instead of making a flower, the children could use a photograph of themselves with their mother.
– You can also make silhouette cards, colouring an inner square in bright colours and taping a picture cut out of black paper (a flower, heart etc) over the cut out square on the front.

Coupon book
Here is an example of a coupon book you can cut out and staple together. The children can give their mothers this book and when their mother chooses she can give the child a coupon and they must do what it says. You can print this one out or use this as a template.

Wikihow also has this method for making tissue paper flowers here. The children could make them for other mothers in the congregation and hand them out after the service.


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