Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

Because Easter is such a special day we aren’t going to use the normal format for lessons. Instead we are going to have the children stay in the main service, however we are aware that children can have short attention spans and so we have some worksheets available here to keep them occupied. Older children should be able to follow the service. However we also have plenty to keep you busy over the Easter period…



Painted Eggs
A traditional Easter craft for you. All you need are some hardboiled eggs (you can hard boil them before the service and bring them in cold) and paints. The children can paint the eggs in vibrant colours. While they do this, you can explain the significance of the eggs at Easter, how they symbolise new life and rebirth.

Eggshell collage
You will need:
Painted uncooked eggs

– Before the lesson you will have to do the tricky business of painting uncooked eggs. Make two holes in the egg (it works best with a needle), one at the top of the egg, one at the bottom. Over a bowl, gently blow through the egg, the contents will eventually pour through the opposite hole. Rinse well and leave to dry.
– Paint the egg shells. Then in class, have the children draw out a picture of Jesus or you could print an appropriate one from the internet.
– The fun bit; the children can smash up the eggshells into small pieces and glue down the pieces to make their picture.

The Jelly Bean Prayer
There are lots of ways this can be used in a lesson so I shall just put the text up and leave it to your imagination. You could type it onto decorative paper and tie it to a bag of jelly beans, given to the children as a gift to go home with. Or you can stick down jelly beans onto paper and the children can write the prayer out themselves. Let your imagination run wild!

Red is for the blood He gave
Green is for the grass He made
Yellow is for the sun so bright
Orange is for the edge of night
Black is for the sins we made
White is for the grace He gave
Purple is for the house of sorrow
Pink is for the new tomorrow

A bag of jellybeans
colorful and sweet
In this prayer is a promise
And a small delicious treat.



Easter Bonnets
You will need:
Digestive biscuits
Writing icing
Sweets/edible flowers/decorations

– Stick the marshmallow in the centre of the biscuit with a blob of writing icing. Then simply decorate according to taste using the edible decorations.

Easter Egg Nests
You will need:
Chocolate (broken up into chunks)
Shredded wheat
Mini eggs
Cupcake cases

– Melt the chocolate in a microwave or over a simmering water in a saucepan.
– Break up the shredded wheat and stir it into the chocolate. You should use more shredded wheat than chocolate so it is not too wet.
– Shape the chocolatey wheat into nests in the cupcake cases and decorate with a few mini eggs.



There’s a lovely Easter Bingo game available at Ministry-to-children.com.

Egg Hunt

What would Easter be without an Easter Egg Hunt? Well this one is slightly different.
You will need plastic eggs that can open up, if you’re in the UK like us you can pick up a rather large basket of them from Tesco for £3.50.
Open each egg and inside write a Bible verse relevant to the Easter story, perhaps you could also make a small cross with ‘He is Risen’ across it, or print off our Easter one of our worksheets and fold them up into it (of course don’t forget a little bit of chocolate or some sweets). Simply hide the eggs around the church or your room and let the children find them.



We have a bulletin showing the events of holy week available here

We also have a worksheet about Easter around the world (though you may need to help the kids with some of the flags) here

Happy Easter everyone!

In other unrelated news, I am cutting my considerably long hair for the benefit of a baby suffering with Jourdan’s syndrome, a rare disease that affects just one in a hundred thousand babies. The hair itself will go to a charity that provides wigs for children. If you would like to sponsor me, or read more about this please visit http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/help-cameron-/48234, all donations and prayers are very, very gratefully received.


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