About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one; to help you give the children of your church a love of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Our Lessons

All of our lessons are based off scripture and as such all of our lessons begin with a Bible reading. As well as providing a solid foundation for the lesson and introducing the key themes, it shows that we should begin all things with God’s word.

We hope to introduce biblical themes to children through songs, games, and crafts. The more fun our lessons are the more likely it is that children will remember what they learned and most importantly come back for more! Maybe with friends!

How you can help

If our lessons have helped you at all, please do let us know. Our resources are free, use them in whatever way you want. Strip them down to the bare bones and build them back up again, we don’t care! As long as it helps you teach the Word to the children in your church.

We don’t want any money! But please do pray for our work, rest assured we are praying for you!

We wish you every success with your Sunday schools.

Drop In

We at Sundayschoolsos lead the Sunday school at the St Mary’s Church Swansea (Church in Wales), located right slap bang in the city centre. If you ever find your way to that neck of the woods do drop in and say hi! Better yet bring the kids!


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