All Purpose Crafts II

The second installment in our Sunday School crafts series! These crafts are not lesson specific and can be adapted and used to communicate a variety of messages and themes.

Pocket Rocks
(10-15 mins + drying time)
You will need:
Poster paints
Small flat pebbles (clean them before use in your lesson)

This craft is one of the most simple ones available. So much so it barely requires explaining! Simply have the children paint on the pebbles. They can paint a phrase from your lesson, a Bible verse or maybe a picture. Painting something such as ‘God is with us’ is particularly appropriate as the pebbles will be small enough to stay in a child’s pocket.

Bible Bunting
(20-30 minutes)
You will need:
Coloured paper
String (coloured if you have it)

We’re going to make bunting! Because everyone loves bunting! At least I assume everyone loves bunting as much as I do!
– Cut the coloured paper into large triangles.
– Have the children write on the triangles. They can write books of the Bible to help them remember or perhaps appropriate verses. They can write the verses on one side of the triangles and the verse reference on the reverse.
– Simply stick the triangles onto the string and hang it somewhere. The children can make one to take home or you can keep it hung up in your classroom as a lesson aid.

Prayer Chains
(15-25 mins)
You will need:
Coloured paper
Sellotape/Stapler/Glue dots

If there’s one thing I love more than bunting, it’s paper chains! This particular craft is for a prayer chain but paper chains can be used for all manner of lesson plans so adapt away!
– Cut the paper into long strips.
– Have the children write their prayer requests onto different strips.
– Fold the first strip into a circle, securing it with sellotape/a staple or a glue dot. Fold the second strip into a circle, linking it through the first. Continue until the chain is complete.You can have the children make one large one that you, as a Sunday school, can use to pray over during your lessons or each child can make one each and exchange it with another in the class. They can take the chains home with them and pray using their friends’ requests.

(10-15 mins)
You will need:
Thin card or strong paper
Colouring pens
Coloured ribbon or wool

– Cut the thin card or strong paper into strips.
– Have the children colour in the card.
– Write an appropriate Bible verse or lesson on the bookmark.
– Create a hole at the top of the bookmark and thread the ribbon or wool through it.

The Kid’s Sunday School Place has a lovely fun craft on being thankful that can be viewed here.




One thought on “All Purpose Crafts II

  1. christopherjamespatton

    Cool stuff! I used this idea in my classroom, not with the Bible verse, but with the same hanging triangle features to teach animal types: mammals, reptiles, insects, etc.


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